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This site is hosted by a company called webs, who was bought out by vistaprint. We've been having technical difficulties with the site and I have contacted webs on 4/8 and 4/15 asking for help.

Finally, on 4/21 I've gone on a web chat with them. I want you to know how the conversation went in case you are considering using WEBS yourself. Based on the fact that they are so backlogged with tech support issues that it takes them more than two weeks to answer, one might want to conclude that the web interface itself is just not working very well. I've edited out info that is either detail oriented to the running of this website or to webs. I have added nothing. I am just telling how they are performing.


Hello! Welcome to WEBS. How are you doing today?

me: Not happy.

Angee: I'm sorry to hear that what's the trouble?

me: I have asked twice, via email support for help with ____________. I have received the confirmation back twice that webs received my message (ie - the auto reply). However no reply was ever given to try to help.

me: This is a paid subscription, if I'm not mistaken as it's my own domain.

me: That webs is hosting.

Angee: May I have your website address please?


Angee: I apologize they are still open tickets. I have escalated and marked urgent so you should hear something soon.

me: 4/15 and 4/8 were the dates that I sent in a request for help.

me: How soon is soon. This does not seem like something that should take that amount of time. ____________.

me: ____________. . This is screwing up my whole quarter.

Angee: I understand and sadly I don't know when they answer tickets in the order received and I don't know where in line yours is. There have been several issues lately that took priority over tickets so that's why there is a delay.

me: A delay is two days, not two weeks. This is a paid service. If you tell me you think more than two weeks is ok, you are REALLY lowering my entire opinion of webs and Vistaprint. I thought you had much much higher standards than two weeks, no?

Angee: I realize it has been 2 weeks but as mentioned there have been many issues that have come up that took priority that are still being worked on as we speak so tickets have had a longer than usual delay.

me: So, when will I have this resolved? ____________.

Angee: I can't give you a time frame. I don't know how many tickets are ahead of yours to be answered. We can't see that information. Nor do I know how far back that our techs can get stats for. THey will let you know.

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