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Cheers Boston

The famous bar located at the Boston Common which was the home of the long running television show CHEERS, was actually called the Bull & Finch Pub. Although the show was not actually shot inside the Boston location, exterior shots of the bar never hid the reference to the original Bull & Finch on which the show was based.

So many tourists to Boston asked to go visit Cheers that the owners, wisely I think, chose to accept the name Cheers going forward. Located at 84 Beacon Street, Cheers is pretty much as you see it in the television show, minus of course Kirstie Allie, Shelly Long and Ted Danson.

The company has also opened a replica of the bar in Faneuil Hall.

While it is very unlikely that ANYONE will know your name at either location, both of which are purely tourist destinations and not local pubs, it is always fun to visit the set of a television show, to feel like you are there having a drink with Normie and Cliff.

Visit CHEERS BOSTON WEBSITE for all of the detailed information that you need to know.

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