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I am a professional educator currently working in another field and of course a writer. I have written educational material and consulted in various ways for almost twenty years. My focus has always been on developing programs for working with youth and students which are effective. Too much of today's education and youth care revolves around just maintaining discipline, making things fun or insuring that administrative needs are met rather than making sure that we accomplish the ultimate goal. Effectiveness, is typically viewed in anecdotal study, rather than in design of the programs and evaluation methods often look at short term, rather than long term effectiveness.

I write and educate for the joy of doing so and therefore, will not accept any advertising on my website. However, if your business or website is relevant to this site, I might consider linking to it. In return, I simply ask you to link to my site and I would appreciate any links volunteered otherwise.

Traffic at my site has exploded, particularly during the summer tourist season (which was why I have added tourist information) and as this is a complete departure from my usual course of writing, it is exciting and refreshing.

As has always been my life's ambition, I want to do things that make people's lives a little better. So thanks for visiting and for browsing. Mark Snyder

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