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Are You A Hater

Take the hater quiz to see if you are a hater HERE.

Haters are like drug addicts. They are constantly expending energy to feed their emotional need while others do not live in that world, instead spending time on today and the future, investing in career, family, friendships, charity or faith. They don't live in the past and they don't spend time judging and categorizing people around their needs. If you live around HATERS you'll go crazy trying to please them, so rather learn to just accept that HATERS ARE GONNA HATE and focus yourself on not being a hater.

Why is this section here? Because hating has become much easier and more prolific with the advent of the internet and social networking. Although this site is by far my most used and visited (I get hits from around the world every day) my most important work is dedicated to issues surrounding use of the internet to hate, defame and bully. It is a problem that goes beyond teenagers, to adults as well, some who you would be quite surprised to find spend their time online hurting others. I am developing a new curriculum for teachers and youth workers on the issue of CYBER BULLYING, which is unlike any other. It's goal is to fundamentally retrain society at a youth level away from the practice of hating online. So, if this is of interest to you, please visit THE JOSEPH PROJECT to learn more.

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