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The Cape Cod Expressway

Unfortunately, the Cape Cod Expressway doesn't exist. But it should:

Well thought out transportation authorities understand the value to identifying major and prolific transportation shortcomings and designing new infrastructure that can absorb and alleviate the problem. They also understand that some such projects, while expensive, could be projects that people are willing to pay to use.

Such should be the case with the Route 3 corridor leading from Braintree to the Sagamore Bridge. There are two major shortcomings to this corridor. The first is the substantial confluence of traffic at the infamous Braintree Split, which in fairness to the Commonwealth was greatly upgraded and widened. Traffic problems occur primarily because of either inbound commuting traffic to Boston, moving up I-93 south (also known as the Southeast Expressway) backing up or because of backups merging onto Route 3 headed further south to towns like Weymouth and Hingham. Both of these problems are caused by Boston commuting.

However, traffic between the metro Boston area and Cape Cod literally overlays that already tenuous traffic route, substantially increasing volume and causing backups for miles.

a secondary traffic pattern overlays that already well traveled route and this is what has created a double whammy of traffic, when t

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