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Bullying and Youth Suicide

My life's work has been working with youth, teaching, coaching and helping them steer in the right direction. In recent history, I have shifted my focus to writing material, and providing a resource for parents, teachers and youth workers to identify and help preteens and young teens who are at risk of being bullied by others and not being able to handle it well. Modern day bullying is far meaner and more unscrupulous than the schoolyard fights of yesteryear and online bullying has a particularly powerful, prolific and sometimes permanent affect on children.

Mark Snyder - Massachusetts - Bullying and Youth Suicide - Lexington Consultant

Please support the anti-bullying campaigns in your school, camp or youth organization. While equipping kids to respond tactfully and effectively to bullies will always be the best solution, there are kids out there who just need our help. Lets not downplay or ignore the issue, but lets identify where the real problems are and to help breed it out of our culture.

Mark Snyder Lexington Massachusetts Coach, Author and Educator

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